Bucks County Live Edge Wood Slabs For Sale

Bucks County Lumber Live Edge Wood Slabs For Sale

Trees are among the oldest living thing on Earth. They have been around for about 380 million years.

Did you know that the temperature can be about 10 degrees cooler under the branches of a tree?

You can use them as a guide or compass…moss grows on the north or shadier side of the tree!

We take them for granted as they sit rooted in our yards or the woods around us. Look out your window and hopefully you have a favorite tree or two.

Do you notice the unique forms they take on over many years of growing; tall and straight, graceful and wide or perhaps gnarly and twisted?

Of course we all know the importance of trees for shade, building material and, of course, the symbiotic like relationship we have with them as we breathe in the oxygen they produce and they absorb the carbon dioxide that we expel. Amazing when you think about it.

But take a few minutes to sit under one and find some peace. It may just revive your spirit and soothe your soul.

Plant A Tree!

It’s roots will help reduce erosion and it’s leaves will absorb CO2 and it will provide habitat for wildlife.

But equally important, it will be a valuable gift to your children.

Ancient and majestic, stately, ornamental, solitary and wild, mighty, verdant, primal, fruitful and mature, arboreal, wild and magnificent…these are just some of the beautiful words we use to describe them.

We hope that the live edge flitches that we mill here at Bucks County Hardwoods will be made into an object that will remind you of the wonderful tree from which it came and perhaps bring you closer to nature.

We offer LIVE EDGE wood slabs for custom projects such as counter tops, tables, bar tops, benches, head boards & unique pieces of art!

We have a large inventory of Live Edge Wood Slabs in stock such as Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Ash & More!

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