Live Edge Lumber Yard
Bucks County, PA

Our trees are milled to produce slabs with free or live edges; a slice of tree with natural edge, sapwood and inner grain on display. Care is taken to uncover the beauty inside each log and every slab is as unique as the tree it came from, providing a palate for the woodworker or artist.  Each slab is air dried under cover for one to two years and then kiln dried to produce a stable, workable product. Some trees are especially old or majestic and, because they were harvested locally, we sometimes have a history of the tree to pass along to our customers.  We supply wide slabs for table tops, counter and bar tops, benches, headboards, wall art and whatever your imagination can conjure up. We invite you to come to our wood yard and discover the transformed beauty of Mother Nature.

Variety of slabs

Harvesting the Urban Forest

Southeastern Pennsylvania was once covered by hardwoods from the Delaware River to our western border. Today, our urban landscape is still full of grand old Black Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Ash and Maple trees, among others, providing us with beauty, valuable shade and breathable air as well as a supply of lumber.  The trees growing around our homes and businesses in the suburbs and urban areas are subject to disease, storm and insect damage and when the only option is to remove them our goal is to see that they live on in the form of furniture and art. Since 1989, we at Bucks County Hardwoods, have hauled, milled and saved a wealth of trees that otherwise would have ended up as firewood or mulch but instead were transformed into timeless treasures.

“It were happy if we studied Nature more in natural things; and acted according to Nature;
whose rules are few, plain and most reasonable.”  William Penn

Professional Team

Owner, John Kirlew, has been in the Tree & Lumber Business for 38 Years, enabling him to provide you with a quality product.

Our Unique Inventory

Our slabs come from of a variety of species such as Black Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Ash, Oak & More.

Finished Live Edge Slabs

In addition to raw lumber we provide finishing services for counter tops, tables, bar tops, benches, head boards & unique pieces of art!



“John is a very nice gentlemen and they know their stuff. Excellent selection too.”
Bill H. – Yardley, Pennsylvania 

“Bucks County Hardwoods Inc. is run by two great guys that love the stuff they sell, to people who love working great wood! Thanks John for great wood and great service.”
Birdie M. – Stockton, New Jersey

“Thanks for the slabs guys! The table turned out great.”
Dan S. – Palm Springs California

Live edge wood slabs available for pick up today!

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