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Finishing Services

With our large Lucas Mill system we can surface large flitches in no time. Normally a woodworker would have hours of hand planing and belt sanding to take out the slightest of twist. We can surface up to 80"x20' flitches with our lucas mill surfacer.

We also have a 18" Planner, 24" Joiner, Table Saw, Lathe, Sanding Table and Chop saw. All of which are available to use for our customers at $85/hour.

Please call or e-mail with questions and rates.


With our large Beech Dual drum Sander we can easily sand your flitch up to 120 grit for a nice smooth start on your project. This being done after surfacing if need be can save you hours of back breaking planing and sanding. The sander will take up to 60" boards with the longest being done so far at 16' with little trouble.



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